Accepted Submissions

  1. Stephen Counsell, Stephen Swift, Alessandro Murgia, Roberto Tonelli, Michele Marchesi and Giulio Concas: Are Some Refactorings Exclusive to Fault-prone Classes and others to Fault-free Classes?
  2. Francesca Arcelli Fontana, Matteo Rolla and Marco Zanoni: Capturing Software Evolution and Change through Code Repository Smells
  3. Giuseppe Destefanis and Marco Ortu: Position Paper: Are Refactoring Techniques Used by Developers? A Preliminary Empirical Analysis
  4. Giulio Concas, Cristina Monni, Matteo Orrù, Marco Ortu and Roberto Tonelli: Refactoring Clustering in Java Software Networks
  5. Ali Parsai, Quinten David Soetens and Alessandro Murgia: Considering Polymorphism in Change-Based Test Suite Reduction
  6. Mahir Arzoky, Stephen Swift, Steve Counsell and James Cain: The use of random graph theory to assess the quality of sequential source code check-ins.



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